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Do I need SEO? What is it mean? Why can’t Google just find my website on it’s own? I don’t have a big budget, can I still get help for my business? All these questions and more to help guide you through the value and return that SEO and Marketing can offer your business.


SEO is vital because it gives you the visibility and exposure every business needs to grow its customer base. SEO gives you an advantage over your competitors by making your business appear in top positions on search engine result pages.

With Impressca’s SEO strategies, you’ll be able to achieve the growth needed for your business.

SEO can immensely improve your bottom line by boosting your website’s visibility and traffic online. This means that more people will see your website, increasing its online traffic.

The increase in visibility and traffic will allow you to attract new customers and provide your products or services to a greater number of people. SEO also helps you to build trust and deepen your relationship with customers.

At Impressca, our SEO approach will not only increase your business visibility and online traffic, but you’ll also see a great ROI and take your business to new heights within a short time.

We have the resources and tools that measure how campaigns are performing. When we handle your SEO campaign, we’ll provide you with monthly data reports that’ll show you the progress of your SEO campaign. Generally, you’ll start seeing boosted traffic, engagement, and sales results between 4 and 6 months.

Industries are not the same, and the competition in some sectors is higher than in others. Therefore the time needed to get results usually varies. However, depending on the industry and the number of keywords we target, you should begin to see tremendous results within 4-6 months of working with us

Keyword research involves assessing your website to see the terms and keywords your business is already ranking for.

Our approach involves assessing your website’s current rankings and looking at the search volume behind each keyword in a spreadsheet. Next, we research your competitors, evaluating their ranking for keywords. Then we use our specialized tools to compare their rankings with yours.

Finally, through various tools and techniques, we strategize on how to expose your business based on the keywords you may want us to target.

Our methods involve initially assessing your website to see the keywords you’re already ranking for. Keywords that are ranking high are then further worked on and optimized.

Next, we analyze your competitors and develop keywords (or work with those you want to rank for) that’ll boost your business’ exposure.
Depending on your business needs and the keywords we choose, we can rank your business locally or nationally.

A meta description is often a short description that explains what’s on a webpage. It provides visitors with an overview when they see the link to the website. Meta description usually includes the keywords the website is attempting to rank for.

A meta description is often a short description that explains what’s on a webpage. It provides visitors with an overview when they see the link to the website. Meta description usually includes the keywords the website is attempting to rank for.

Image alt tags describe the different photos used on web pages. They are usually elements of on-page SEO strategies. For that reason, image alt tags must be relevant to the content on the page where they are used.

Title tags are used to add keywords to web pages. They’re often used together with meta descriptions

The basic answer is always yes, but there is no reason to just leave it at that. Let’s explore a bit on “why”

The internet is a vast and open space, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, the world’s largest index of the Internet, estimated the size at roughly 5 million terabytes of data (and they admittedly have mapped maybe only .004% of the supposed total internet). Averaging over 500 Million users, the depth and scope of the internet is sometimes hard to grasp. Add to that, approximately 252, 000. new websites are published each day, then try to figure out how your website can stand out in that crowd! Don’t give up! There are solid and measurable strategies that we employ to give your business and website every advantage that it can have in order to show your prospective customers how to find you, and why your business is their best option.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is clearly defined as optimizing a website for search engines. The purpose of Google is to deliver you the very best results for your query. You ask Google a question, and it delivers you multiple results in a ranking format, from best match to least matched. Search engines look at 3 primary factors when delivering your results. Is the website they are providing reputable? Is the website relevant to your question? and was the search engine able to “crawl” your website? (Crawlability refers to the technical aspect of how easy your website delivers information and if there are any stopping points that prevent the transfer of information.)


The best way is to work with a company that truly understands how the internet works, there are multiple strategies that we use to give your website the best advantage over your competition. Starting with a good website, not just a pretty one. We look at how it is built, and how the search engines see it (not just from the front side, but how the code is laid out)

Then we are going to make sure that your site has the right information and can deliver it quickly and easily. We look at the content you are providing, is it readable and relevant for everyone? (search engines look for different things than end-users, and we need to provide for both.)  Are you answering a need your competition isn’t? Improving your website is a comprehensive process, it can mean different things to different companies. Let’s sit down and make a plan.

Technically, yes you can!

Many times clients want to have a more “hands-on” approach to their marketing, whether it’s from a financial perspective or a creative one (they really like doing it!) and we are happy to support either approach. With the caveat, that what you may not know about internet marketing, has the potential to hurt you.  Understand that this is our full-time business that we have spent years developing the skills and knowledge to manage multiple strategies for 6 figure companies, simultaneously. Our abilities did not just magically appear and knowing the learning curve you are up against, we support your goals and desire to learn, but want you to know that we are here for you if you would like to leverage our skills while you are running your business.

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