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Pay Per Click Management services

in Philadelphia

Let Impressca help you create and manage paid advertising that’ll work for your business.



Our unique Pay Per Click campaign methods are designed to help you increase your visibility online, bring new leads to your website, and boost conversions. Impressca’s Per Per Click specialists have worked in the PPC environment for many years and are certified by Google Ads. Our experts understand what a successful PPC campaign means to businesses and always keep up with every major PPC outlet. So we know what’s going on at all times and how to use that to benefit your business!


Some of our services include:

Display Advertising

Social Media Advertising


Standard Paid Search Ads


Pay Per Click Management
Service Embraces

Display Advertising For PPC

With our cost-effective display advertising strategy, you will get a campaign that’ll start driving targeted traffic to your business instantly with a favorable ROI.

Social Media Advertising

Whether on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn—no matter the platform—we’ll expertly help you achieve your social advertising goals.

Video Advertising For PPC

Video advertising can take different forms. We’ll run your video campaign with TrueView in-search ads & TrueView in-display ads, and

PPC Remarketing

This advertising approach is designed to show up on the web and social media to people who have visited your site.



No matter your industry—for your business to stand out from the crowd—you need a website that’s pleasing to the eye, user-friendly, and engaging. A well-built website will not only attract potential customers, but those leads will find your site delightful and easy to use.

If you’re a business owner in Philadelphia, PA, looking to upgrade your website or build one from scratch, look no further! Let Impressca help you. We’re a household name in web design & development in the Philadelphia area, and we’ll design for you a business website that you would be proud of! Contact us today.

If you need a reason why website design and development in Philadelphia, PA, is important, you must keep in mind that if you want to remain at the top within your competition in the online marketplace.

If you need a reason why website design and development in Philadelphia, PA, is important, you must keep in mind that if you want to remain at the top within your competition in the online marketplace, you should use both web design and web development for your site.

Ultimately, this can help give your business exposure to new marketplaces, boost sales and increase profits.

We’re the web design and development company you can count on in Philadelphia. We can provide you with high-performing WordPress design and development services that’ll attract leads and boost conversions.

Impressca is the company to trust for your WordPress and eCommerce web design and development solutions.


Also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click provides your business with improved brand recognition and helps you target people who are most likely to become customers. PPC is an effective strategy to use to get instant results.

One of the advantages of using PPC advertising is that it does not depend on your site ranking well in search engines. So even if your site is new and hasn’t been deemed an authority in your industry, you can still promote your business through a PPC plan and get impressive results.

But it would help if you had an agency with a proven track record in PPC advertising.

At Impressca, we understand how PPC advertising works. Our PPC specialists are experts in the PPC sphere and have an advanced understanding of getting our clients the highest return on their investment in the shortest possible time.

We offer full management services for Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing. Contact us today to take advantage of PPC strategies tailored to your business’s needs.


Pay Per Click campaigns are the best strategies to supplement your lead generation and conversion plans. PPC provides a platform where businesses can bid on specific keywords or phrases that potential customers use for their searches online. With PPC advertising, you only pay for the click you get. And often, most of those clicks are the ones interested in your product or service. When done correctly, PPC advertising can help you scale your business and grow your bottom line.

Unfortunately, many businesses have lost their advertising investment while executing PPC plans because the individuals handling such campaigns do not have the proper training and experience. To avoid such loss, most successful businesses now outsource their PPC effort. This shields them from endless trial and error and saves them both money and time.

But each search engine has a unique proprietary advertising system. So it would be best if you worked with a PPC agency that understands the various advertising systems and helps you develop the most effective campaign for your company. Otherwise, you may not get the desired return on your PPC investment. PPC advertising success is possible when you automate your plans with the right agency.

At Impressca, we have a rich experience in all the concepts around PPC advertising. We’ve been providing solutions to diverse local businesses in Philadelphia and other local cities. So we understand how vital PPC strategies are for these local businesses.

When you partner with us for your PPC advertising, we’ll create a campaign that will serve your business goals. We’ll keep track of your campaign daily and swiftly make required adjustments when necessary.

So take advantage of our experience and cost-efficient plans today and get quick results for your business! We’ll generate more revenue for your business by doing different data metrics and keyword analyses.

Impressca is located in Philadelphia, and we’re ready to manage your Pay Per Click or SEM campaign. Contact us today to learn more. +How to scale your business with PPC


You need consistency to achieve the desired result from your PPC campaigns:

  • From brand awareness to social media advertising: multiple campaigns needs to be created for each area of your digital marketing strategy
  • Using Ads platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, a local business needs to increase conversions by generating qualified leads from those platforms using their detailed advertising extensions to filter traffic to your site.
  • Local businesses need to employ video advertising, PPC remarketing, and demographic targeting in their campaigns.
  • Your PPC campaigns will give the best result when you use effective local advertising services that yield quick results.

To upgrade your business’s visibility and put your brand in front of millions of internet users, you need to partner with the right PPC company.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you increase your brand awareness through consistent PPC campaigns and local SEO

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